Night of Magic

Description - Glitz & Glamour that will test your slight of hand.

Colours - Yellow, Black & Glitter Pink nail pens.

Decorations - Silver gems

Requirements - none

Time Taken - 20 mins per hand (take your time with this one)


  1. Apply a base coat (french pink).
  2. You will need to refer to this images alot for this design to understand the shapes were trying to achieve. This could be done in any order but this is how we did it.
  3. Firstly we drew two triangle like shapes, one coming from either edge of the nail, leaving space in the middle with your yellow nail pen. Leave to dry.
  4. On the outer edge of yellow, draw a black line that follows the shape around. leave to dry.
  5. At the tip of the nail, apply a layer of pink glitter varnish, avoiding the other areas as much as possible. Leave to dry.
  6. Between the two triangles, place two or three gems. Apply a dab of french pink to use as an adhesive.
  7. Finish with a top coat.