Best of Both

Description - A deep and colourful design incorporating flowers

Colours - Black & Light Red varnish. White, pink, glittery purple & green nail pens.

Decorations - none

Requirements - Straight stencil stencils

Time Taken - 15 mins per hand


  1. Apply a base coat
  2. Apply a first layer of red, over the entire nail. Apply multiple layers until desired colour is achieved. Leave to dry throughly!
  3. With a straight stencil, tilted at an angle (45 degrees), lightly place the sticker onto your nail. See image for position.
  4. Now apply a layer of black varnish to the bottom half of your nail. One layer should be enough. Leave to dry and then remove stencil carefully.
  5. Now start on the details, firstly draw a flower shape using your pink nail pen, near the middle of your nail, on the line where the red & black meet. Once dry fill in this flower with the purple glitter nail pen.
  6. While that is drying (if you trust yourself not to smudge anything), apply two leaf shapes, one either side of the flower, using the green nail pen. Finish off with a couple of white dots (or your fave colour) ontop of the black varnish. See image.
  7. Finish with a top coat.