Art of Africa

Description - Inspired by the clothing and crafts made by african people, oh and two of my favorite colours!

Colours - Pink & Orange varnish, white & black nail pens.

Decorations - None

Requirements - None

Time Taken - 15 mins per hand


  1. Paint the entire nail using the pink varnish, apply a number of layers, depending on the colour strength of your varnish. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  2. Paint over one half of the nail, diagonally in orange. Once again depending on the colour strength of the varnish, you may need to apply more than one layer.
  3. Using the white nail art pen (brush not tip), paint a thickish line where the two colours meet.
  4. Once the white has dried, paint a flick/wavey line along the white line with your black nail pen (tip). See image. Add a few black dots close to the lines (see image).
  5. Finish with a top coat.