Festive Holly

Description - A festive christmas design with snow and holly!

Colours - White, Green nail art pen & French pink

Decorations - White glitter & Red gems

Requirements - Straight stencil stencils

Time Taken - 12 mins per hand


  1. Place a straight stencil at a slight angle to the tip of your nail.
  2. Paint the tip of your nail in white and before it dries, dip the tip in white glitter. Leave to dry and remove stencil.
  3. Paint from the cuticle to the white tip of your nail in french pink. Leave to dry.
  4. Using your green nail art pen, carefully paint two leaf shapes to one side of your nail, as image shows. Leave to dry.
  5. With your green nail pen, add a drop of varnish to the point where both leafs meet and carefully apply 3 red gems. Use the nail pen as an adhesive. Leave to dry.
  6. Carefully finish with a top coat.