Modern Art

Description - A vibrant, square and modern design.

Colours - Blue, Purple, Green, Pink, White & a White nail pen.

Decorations - None

Requirements - None

Time Taken - 14 mins per hand


  1. Its hard to describe the method to this one, so its best to follow the image.
  2. Paint your entire nail in white and leave to dry.
  3. Take your yellow polish and paint a yellow square in the center like so <---. Leave to dry.
  4. Now with your pink polish, paint the pain part of the nail as the image shows. Continue to do this with the remaining colours. Leave to dry.
  5. Unless you have a very steady hand, it might look a bit messy. To solve this, use your white nail pen over the top of the existing white lines and straighten up the design.
  6. Finish with a top coat.