Applying Nail Varnish

1. First thing to do is prepare your nails and make sure they are clean, dry and free of oils or moisturiser. Don't forget to remove any old polish from the nails before cleaning.

2. The best way we have found to applying nail varnish is to gently brush away from the finger, one stroke either side of the nail and one in the middle. Make sure to remove any excess varnish from the brush, into the bottle before applying to the nail.

3. It's not necessary but to get the best results, apply a base coat to each nail and make sure you leave them for at least one minute to ensure they're fully dry before moving on. A base coat helps to keep nail polish from chipping and makes polish last longer.

4. Pick the nail varnish of your choice and apply two or three layers of the varnish. The amount of layers depends on how thick/deep the varnish you're using is.

5. Once the layers have been applied, you must leave your nails to dry thoroughly for up to 10 minutes before starting the process again. This will avoid the new coat from dragging on the surface of the previous coat and allow the next layer to adhere better. Repeat the applying process until you're happy you have achieved the colour you want.

6. Did you get varnish on the skin around the nails? Not to worry! Simply get a cotton bud from the bathroom and dab it into your nail removal liquid and rub away the unwanted paint around your nail.

7. Once you're happy with nails, its time to apply a top coat to them. A clear top coat will help to seal the nail varnish, protect from chipping and give it that extra sparkle. Continue to apply the top coat daily to keep nails looking gorgeous.